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Heart Shaped Cookies the Easy Way!!

This super cool trick will save you from a flour-covered kitchen this Valentine’s Day.  No rolling pins, no cookie cutters, just lovely little heart shaped cookies for your boo.

If you aren’t already freezing your cookie dough into logs before baking, you must try it!  Here’s why..

1. The cold butter in frozen cookie dough takes longer to melt leaving you with thicker, chewier cookies.

2. Cutting your cookie dough from logs instead of blopping it onto a sheet pan is not only less messy but the cookies are perfectly round.  Or in this case, perfectly heart shaped.

3. You can make giant batches to store in the freezer; just cut off a few pieces when you want them.  Perfect for those long winter nights watching The Bachelor where a single freshly-baked cookie (or two or three or four) is a necessity.

Let's Do It!

Lay out a piece of parchment paper and scoop cookie dough onto it in a log shape. The dough should be about 2-3″ wide and 2-3″ high.  Leave about 4″ on each end.

Roll the dough up into a log tightly.

Shape the log so that there are three sides.

Take the back-end of a knife and run it down the middle of one of the sides to make the groove for the heart’s top.

Using your hands shape the two rounded tops and make any final adjustments to get a nice heart shape.  Put the logs onto a cookie sheet and freeze for several hours or overnight.

Once completely frozen, unwrap, cut off 3/4 inch pieces, and bake according to recipe instructions. I always use the parchment that I wrapped them with to line my baking sheet too.

You can use just about any type of cookie dough for these.  If you go the chocolate chip route, I recommend using mini-chocolate chips for easier cutting.



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