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Easy DIY Headband

I rescued an old ripped up flannel from a trip to the trash and made a cute headband!

Let's Sew!

Cut your fabric into a rectangle 22" by 4". Flannel is great for this because it has built in guidelines for even cuts.

Fold the fabric in half and pin it down. Run a seam down the length of it about 1/4 of an inch from the edge.

Flip er inside out.

Iron flat with the seam running down the middle.

Fold the end up about 1/2 inch, then do it again. Iron this flat. And do it on both sides.

Stick an elastic hair tie under the fold and sew it closed. You’ll want to use a triple stitch or go over this seam a couple times to make sure it’s very secure.

And then do the same to the other side of the fabric! and DONE!


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