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How to Make Great Arrangements from Grocery Store Flowers

My local grocery store puts their flowers right by the front door and I always find myself being pulled over. Those happy colors give any house a fresh pep, but the notion of spending big bucks on something that only lasts a week has never sat right with me.  Over the years, I’ve figured out how to make clearance, grocery store flowers look great and last for a long time.

The arrangements below only cost $4.

Selecting the Right Flowers

– For the biggest impact and to get an expensive look, select two or more bundles of flowers that are almost the same color but different varieties. Frankly, you should go with any flowers that make you happy, but a big puffy ball of monochrome flowers always looks so Ina Garten to me. Classy.

– Make sure that the flowers are still firm and spry. Don’t we all want to be firm and spry?  No brown leaves, slimy stems, or wilted heads. Go after the bunches with unopened buds. I always try to score the clearance flowers that are $1.99, if they are still looking hot.

Use Unexpected, Household Containers

– Line it!  Ever tried to fill a basket with water?  It’s something no reasonable person should ever do.  But that doesn’t mean you can’t use one. Just find a salsa jar, storage container, or some other glass vessel to pop inside.

– It’s also a good idea to use this technique for vases that are antique or special.  I once bought a beautiful antique french pitcher at a garage sale and immediately filled it with flowers.  Unfortunately, the water left a brown line around the outside of it.

– Here’s some ideas for cool, unexpected containers: an old pair of boots or rain boots, round fish bowl, flower pot, a big mug or a teapot, recycled candle jar (to clean it out- run the bottom of the jar under very hot water until the remaining wax just pops out, then scrub it up with goo-gone or soap), a watering can, old metal tins, a small wooden crate, coffee cans or pretty tea tins, apple picking basket, antique jars, or a water pitcher.

Arrange and Make them Last

– Since you’ve purchased two or three bundles of flowers, you now have two or three packets of flower food dust! Add the first one to your water right away when you get home and save the other one for later.

– Arrange the flowers in your hand until you have a fluffy, round bouquet that you like.  Tear off the leaves that will be sitting in the water or you will regret it when you see what becomes of them.  Cut the stems at an angle using sharp scissors.

– The most important thing you can do for your flowers is to change the water frequently.  No one wants to live in a slimy green hot tub. Once your flowers start to look a little droopy, take them to your sink for a flower spa day. Drain the water, give the ends a cut, throw away the dead flowers, and add the second packet of food with fresh water. 


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